Caustic soda lye/flakes

ABCIL produces high quality caustic soda lye and flakes using the latest membrane technology across three plant locations. The caustic soda lye and flakes are widely used in alumina refineries, in the manufacture of soaps and detergents, paper and textile industries. It is also used as basic feedstock for a range of downstream products in the chemical processing industry.

Industrial applications


Caustic soda reacts with bauxite to dissolve aluminium-bearing minerals in the ore so that insoluble impurities can be separated. The purified alumina is then used to produce aluminium.

Chemical processing

Caustic soda is commonly used as a reagent in chemical reactions.

Home and personal care

Caustic soda is used in the saponification reaction to manufacture soap. In detergents, it is a part of the process of neutralisation of LAB.

Petroleum products

Caustic soda solution is used in the exploration, production and processing of petroleum and natural gas. It is also used as an adsorbent for carbon dioxide in light petroleum fractions; a treatment step in removal of various sulphur compounds.

Pulp and paper

Caustic soda solution is used in the pulping and bleaching process and de-inking of waste paper.


Caustic soda forms an important input in the steel industry. It is used to clean steel.


Caustic soda solution is used to process cotton and dye synthetic fibres such as nylon and polyester. Mercerising of fibre with sodium and hydroxide solution provides greater tensional strength and consistent lustre. It removes waxes and oils from the fibre to make it more receptive to bleaching and dying. In rayon it is used during the viscose process to extract cellulose from pulp.

Water purification

Caustic soda solution is used in the treatment of water by regenerating the anion resin bed. It is used on a large scale in DM plants.